Cubase Pro Desktop

Yeah, the subject tells everything we have on it - dark emptiness.
Why we have such Professional feature - Cubase Pro Desktop?
Can we place a picture? No!
But it would be nice to place there something. As background, as tasklist…
Ou, tasklist! Maybe Pro desktop can hold a list of tasks with checkmarks or something like that? More than one list. One for every open project.

Maybe this desktop can hold shortcuts/icons of projects we put there? Also templates. With many organizing features - renaming, moving, deleting etc.

Maybe desktop can open project for analyse - open a list with track names, where you can copy one track with/without events to the desktop or clipboard and then paste/drag&drop into another project.

Ooh, too much ideas :slight_smile:
Anyway no one will accept this.
We have very professional desktop and professional text editor for tasklist named Notepad :slight_smile: