Cubase Pro Doesn't See Plugin - musicio.dll

Hello… I am aon Cubase 8.5 - Windows 7 - 64bit…

Problem: I am trying to get Cubase to see the musicio.dll plugin to now avail… musicio is a vst that allows you ipad or iphone to connect via the USB cable so you don’t need an interface… audio and midi passes through the cable… you need the companion app on your iphone or ipad for full functionality but it isn’t needed just to check if Cubase sees the plugin.

I was wondering if anyone could check to see if they are able to get Cubase to see the plugin… the plugin is downloadable here … you just need the .dlls … … just scroll to the bottom of the screen. They have 32bit and 64bit versions of the plugin and ideally you would check both but separately. The installer only has the .dll files and a read me text …

I’ve done all the basics… deleted the blacklist.xml files… rescanned and know that Cubase is pointed to the vst folder. I also contacted the company but I have had no response as of yet. Any help here is appreciated.

Just a really quick check… I added both the x32 and x64 versions (Win7) and they’re ignored by Cb8.5. I don’t have iTunes installed or the MIDI library they mention in the online readme.doc, do you have these installed?


Mike thanks for checking I really appreciate the time… Yes I have everything configured here, regardless the itunes stuff is just the communication protocol to the app on the iphone but Cubase should see the plugin. Thanks again,I have other versions of Cubase installed and I’ll give them a go.

I have musicio 64 bit on win 10 with cubase 8.5 Pro.

I think… from memory, I had to install the midi loopback before the dll showed up in cubase. But am not 100% sure.

Works ok. But doesn’t always connect to the ipad. The dll is always visable in cubase, but sometimes the ipad justs stays at the trying to connect stage.

I ended up buying Studiomux after a bit and find it works much more reliably. Also, the way the ipad midi outs show up as inputs in cubase is much nicer.
I’ve still got musicio installed though and will keep checking it out as it progresses through beta.

Well I think I’ll give studiomux a shot… I haven’t heard from the developer and it doesn’t bode well that their vsts aren’t recognized by the software that gave rise to the VST standard… I have midiloopback installed but that isn’t related to the vst scanning… they have something wrong in their plugin builds. I do appreciate your response. Thanks.