Cubase Pro For Sale (Not registered)

Hi Moderator do not see a for sale section on the forum so if not supposed to be here please remove

I will explain this so there are no misunderstandings.
I purchased this recording pack and it came with an Audio interface (this is what i purchased it for) BUT it also came with a retail copy of Cubase Pro.

I am selling the Cubase Pro Software NOT the interface.

The software is not tied to the hardware it is a full retail copy of the software. this software at the cheapest online retailer is £429 it comes with a USB E Licencer
I am looking for £300 ono

Please email me if you have any questions and i will happily speak on phone to explain further.

Thanks for Looking

If you think this is not genuine please you can call the place i purchased it from in the the UK it is called Anderton’s attached is the invoice

Thanks Martin

This may not be the best place to sell this as its the registered users forum most here already own it.


Yes and i have owned Cubase from version 2.15 For The Atari 1040STE

Sorry Hippo i misread that :slight_smile: What section would you suggest


Hello, I can buy it from you (if you don’t sell it in the next 2 weeks) It will save me 100$, cause if I wait 2 weeks from now till I activate the code, I’ll most likely get the free “grace period” update, which would save me 100$ from buying 9.5 with LE and upgrade lol