Cubase Pro & MOTU 828x?

Since Steinberg is determined to ruin their customers audio interfaces, I must replace my MR816x (and definitely not with any Steinberg hardware!). I’ve been looking around, and the MOTU 828x seems like a good option.

Is there anybody who has experience with using this interface with Cubase Pro? I’m particularly interested in how well in works with the “Control Room” and “Direct Monitoring” features. Also, how well it integrates with Cubase Pro. I’d like to be able to use it without the hassle of having to deal with an extra layer of software all the time, as is so often the case these days.


Only Steinberg audio devices are integrated in the Hardware tab, you might know from MixConsole. 3rd party audio devices are not integrated this way at all.

Control Room works the very same way with any Audio Device, as you know from Steinberg audio device.

Some time ago, I heard that the MR816 series was the only interface that worked properly with "“Direct Monitoring” activated with “Control Room”. Not even the rest of the Steinberg interfaces were included. Anyone else heard this?

What about MOTU and updates to the drivers. Are they as bad as Steinbergs?

I run a motu828x with cubase.

I use it with control room and 3 sets of monitors, works well.

Have you got “Direct Monitoring” activated?

I had such bad experience with MOTU products I promised myself I would NEVER go MOTU EVER again, and have not. I had early system that cost me a small fortune and TORTURED ME FOR YEARS, had to wait 2years or so for the PC version to come out, then did not work properly, ever, just garbage! was MOTU 2408 pci324 & MTPAV. Thousands of dollars, of garbage! I just looked up the MOTU 828 on utube, saw 2 reviews were really bad, the one guy was describing his experience like I remember my experience with MOTU – AND its 20 years later! DUH. Look for reviews of guys that actually have the item and are not a magazine or online professional review – those type of reviews will gloss over any problems; they simply can’t afford to make a really big corp. mad at then. So, because of all that, I thought I would post this… And, would like to suggest that you do yourself a favor and not go MOTU anything. I would like to hear why you feel Steinberg killed your hardware? I have had really great experiences with Cubase’s (all my versions), and with Absolute, based on what I think now I would feel good with their HW. I used to have Sonar, and their tech supports was blaming my computer and my Yamaha mixer for synchronization failure. In desperation after spending hundreds of dollars for the ‘new’ version of Sonar, I went out and bought ‘that other program, Cubase’ and we all know where Sonar is now! When I installed Cubase my problems were suddenly over - it just worked! And has ever since. SO, what hardware to get? I KNOW what I like! It may be a little pricier but I have just LOVED my experiences with UAD hardware & plugs, it sounds perfect, it is WAY easy to use. And, the way UAD’s work the Apollo’s do direct monitoring by their design and so they don’t need or use direct monitoring, as that IS how they work. (It does hurt a guy when UAD makes a move like with LUNA and just kick us PC users to the curb, and under the bus.) But REALLY not so bad cause we have CUBASE! And what would we really do with LUNA anyway! I do worry that they will not keep as strong of support for my aging APOLLO’s. But RIGHT NOW, my system is up to date and totally stable. And I may take it off the internet and just freeze it as is. I will tell you I hear rumors of microshaft making their OS subscription only – my plan for that is I WILL NOT DO SUBSCRIPTIONS!!! And get Linux for web and email. Sayonara Bill & minions. When I found out WAVES wanted a “subscription fee” for me to reinstall my plugs – I DELETED about $800 worth of Waves plugins. Guess who’s not getting any more of my money? The really big deal to me about that was that it was a complete SURPRISE I did not get the chance to make that decision before I bought WAVES and then felt abused to have what I already paid good money for being ransomed and extorted. I was so impressed by KORG when I recently upgraded my system after 15 years of buying their KORG Legacy Synths bundle, I found out when Cubase dropped 32 bit support, that KORG had a FREE upgrade to their NEWLY developed 64 bit product KORG Legacy Synths plugins bundle – NOW that is the kind of surprise that I can handle. Anyway - thanks for asking the question, hope you don’t mind me writing my thoughts…hope I didn’t ramble on too too much. :blush:

I monitor outside of cubase using cuemix which is MOTUs external mixer for monitoring.

Btw I also have the 828x connected via adat to an older MOTU 896HD who is pretty handy for 8 more preamps. I’ve been using MOTU interfaces for 20 years and never had a problem with them.

Thanks Manike. Perhaps you should have a chat with nettydrown above. :slight_smile:

Seriously though. I’ve almost made my mind up. “Direct Monitoring” via the “MixConsole” is important for my workflow. Perhaps you could help me look for one thing. Could you check under: Studio/Studio Setup/828x (with the “ControlRoom” activated and see if “Direct Monitoring” is available or greyed out?

Another important question is: What is your experience with MOTU and drivers for the Mac? Are the drivers 32-bit or 64-bit? I’ve learned my lesson when Steinberg killed the excellent MR816 series, by neglecting to update the drivers. I don’t want to have another €700 audio interface killed by a bad developer!

Yeah direct monitoring is greyed out.

MOTU have just released 64bit drivers for everything. I would like the integration of the Steinberg Hardware but I don’t trust them as a hardware developer.

You’re not only helpful (thanx), you’re wise as well. :wink:

no problem! thnks

yah - i have PC and Manike is on MAC may be quite a different experience with MOTU, it may confirm my complaint with MOTU. With Mac you will likely be fine and that experience of not getting updates for 64bit would be memorable.