Cubase Pro on OSX <> iPad IDAM connection not working


I’m having problems with keeping a consistent (Inter-Device Audio Midi) IDAM connection between my iPad and Cubase Pro on Mac OS X. I’m running a 1st Gen iPad pro 9.7 and a MBP with the latest iOS an OS X versions.

Cubase requires me to create an “aggregate audio device” (iPad+Apogee Duet) for combining I/O’s from multiple devices and using this aggregate device as the audio device in Cubase Pro 9.5… I am also activating the iPad stereo in input as a second input bus in Cubase.

The iPad midi destination is shown in midi outputs and Midi is successfully sent from a midi track to whichever iOS instrument I have active on the iPad, no problem.

The audio connection seems inconsistent. For an audio track in Cubase I select the iPad bus as an input. Sometimes the audio is routed to the audio track and sometimes it isn’t. With this exact same setup I have got it to work once or twice, after which the connection seems to have been lost when I for example changed instrument apps on the iPad. Once I managed to recover the routing/connection by disconnecting the iPad, closing all audio apps and setting the aggregate device etc and routings in Cubase from scratch. After that, the same sequence did not work anymore.

Does anyone on this forum have experience in using the IDAM connection to send midi to the iPad to an iOS instrument and routing the audio back to Cubase to an audio track?

I read that the IDAM connection sends audio at 24bit/48kHz. Is this regardless of the sample rate I am choosing in the iOS instrument (e.g. synth) app settings? My project sample rate in Cubase is 44.1 kHz and I record at 24 bit. Could this be causing the problem?

Any help is much appreciated!


FYI, Aggregate device is not officially supported by any DAW.

Thanks Martin for your response.

I am curious to know how people are dealing with IDAM in Cubase Pro, as I am sure some users are making use of it?

I have understood that in Cubase inputs and outputs need to be available from the same audio device, contrary to e.g. Logic. Am I correct?

Yes, you can use one Audio Device include. But it’s the same in Logic.

I have managed to get the IDAM audio to work consistently. It does seem though that the connection is lost every time I switch to another audio (e.g. synth) app on the iPad. Disconnecting and connecting the lightning cable again and enabling the iPad as part of the aggregate device re-establishes the audio input from the iPad in Cubase Pro.