Cubase Pro project freezes during load

I have a project that freezes Cubase on me while loading. Almost instantly. Removing VST folders doesn’t help anything.
It’s a simple and small project, just a couple of VST plugins, some midi and audio, and two reverb plugins. All work well in other cirusomstances, and worked well when I last saved the project.

Windows 10. Cubase 10.0.5. I will update tonight to the latest…

Any advice?

My guess is that a freeze doesn’t leave a log anywhere to share? I couldn’t find one. I have to kill it with task manager on every attempt.

I have to say, working with Cubase is a big dissapointment to me. I switched since about a month ago, and while it works nice when it’s working well, that has been quite a rarity: it’s been nothing but trouble for me so far. This software is not fit for release, if you ask me. I’d be upset if this were presented to me for beta testing, but it’s an expensive release. This is supposed to be professional software, intended for use by professionals. I cannot afford these types of setbacks when working. Anyway, let’s not complain for now but look for a solution. Any advice is much appreciated!


To save your project, can you create an empty project, and use the function Import from project?

I am going to try that. Thanks so much for the tip. I will let you know.


Importing the tracks didn’t work at first, but I’ve otherwise found out the cause and a workaround.

I use iConnectivity Mio 10 midi interface, which has it’s own on/off button. I find that annoying so I basically leave it on forever. That works, but after some time (a day? Multiple days?) it enters some sort of error mode, which i can correct by simply resetting it. Apparently, if I load this project while it’s still in that error mode, Cubase doesn’t continue loading past the midi channels.

Basically an external issue, combined with poor handling of such behaviour on account of Cubase.

Happy to continue work on my projects!

Thanks again for your input.


I’m glad you found a solution.

I just wonder how is this possible. I wouldn’t expect any communication on this level with Cubase. The only one I can imagine is, that iConnectivity Mio 10 would make a MIDI loop. Then Cubase crashes of course.