Cubase pro suddenly won't open anymore


I’m not sure what happened, but suddenly cubase pro won’t open anymore.
Double click on Cubase’s icon leads to nothing, the pc “thinks” for a second, then stops and cubase won’t open.
There’s no error message or something, just like the pc is ignoring my request to open cubase.
I tried to restart the pc, to uninstall cubase and install it again, to pull out the eLicenser and plug in other USB hub, none of that helped.
Any ideas?

Hi and welcome,

Does it mean, that even the Cubase splash screen doesn’t appear?

What Cubase version is it (10 Pro or Artist)? What OS do you use? Could you try again to install Cubase from Full Installer as Administrator? Install eLCC as administrator too, please. Run eLCC as administrator and click to Maintenance.

Solved, thanks!