Cubase -> Pro Tools / Logic -> Cubase

Hi all,

I have some sessions that I need to give to some other musicians to track their own parts, after which I will take their files back into my own session.

I can going to export busses and consolidate so that there are no live effects or inserts.

I can then save as OMF. Both Pro Tools and Logic can import/export these?

By Default, will Pro Tools or Logic insert “Origin Time” metadata into the files it tracks? Hopefully, at the very least I can take their files, add to Pool, and insert at Origin on different tracks and be good to go.

Any tips would be great here.

Just have them track to a few stems that you export as the length of your session; have them consolidate the files they track as the length of the stems you supply them with and your golden- I do this all the time. No need to worry about program compatibility.

Last week I received a song recorded in an unknown version of Nuendo. I opened it well in Cubase 7, no problem. Then I exported it as an OMF file, the idea was to open it in PT 10. It didn’t work. I guess I did something wrong at the export procedure, but pt open just one track.

Not sure there. I know when you export OMF from Cubase you have to select the tracks you want. I am also using the Copy Files check box and referenced separate files instead of one large OMF file with the data embedded.

I took the OMF and it opened in Adobe Audition perfectly. That’s a start I suppose.