Cubase <-> Pro Tools

Someone just told me that Nuendo can open Pro Tools sessions.

Is this true? If so, is it also possible to do this with Cubase?

What about getting the project back into Pro Tools?

I know about using stems, but I’m talking about being able to carry over mix automation and plugin settings etc.

Surely there must be a lot of data lost?

Not sure who told you that. Unless they were just meaning audio stems or a midi file. .ptx and .npr files don’t open in either other program. Cubase and Nuendo projects are interchangeable but not with Pro Tools.

Thanks for the reply. That’s what I thought.

I asked him where he heard that and got pointed to this video.

So this is about AAF exports, which I have never found to be very good with other DAWs.

Ah right - AAF not .ptx/.npr. Mileage seems to vary with these! :wink: