Cubase Pro Upgrade Causing Problems In Windows 10

Hey guys. Got another issue with Cubase, and I would really appreciate any input whatsoever as to what is causing this problem and how I can fix it.

So, last night, I upgraded from Artist 9.5 to Pro 9.5. I successfully installed the upgrade and created a test project to try out VA and the other new toys. I recorded a vocal track and brought up VariAudio to play around with. At first, it seemed to be working fine until it decided to argue with me. I would move notes around, tighten the pitch, quantize, etc., but when I went to play back the track, it sounded like I hadn’t done anything to it. :astonished: Anyone else had this problem? I figured it was just user error, at first, but the more I messed with it, the weirder it got. I noticed that sometimes the "Event Start/Event End’’ selector would not encompass the whole track. When I would drag it over to the beginning of the track, It would put a pause between whatever two words the “Event Start” thingy was over. :confused: I would then cut the track and shorten the gap, and it would mash the two words together all of the sudden on a seemingly random subsequent playback. Again, I thought this was user error, at first. Sometimes I would move notes around, and playback wouldn’t respond to the changes until like 20 minutes later. Then, thinking it was finally working, I would try to do more note tweaking, only to find it was stuck playing back the same thing, no matter what I did to it. For instance, I could shorten a long note to 1/10th the length and it would still play it back the same way…yeah.
By then, I wasn’t sure whether or not it was just user error, but I thought VariAudio was the only thing that wasn’t working. Let me add that at this point, I had already tried closing tabs, restarting, etc. I went to bed frustrated.
Next (this) morning, I continued experimenting and found out that VA isn’t the only thing giving me trouble. I created a new track, and plugged my guitar in input 2 of my interface. As usual, the default setting had the track routed to my mic input (input 1), so I selected "Mono In 2’’, but even though I selected the second input, it still would not pick up audio from input 2, and would actually still pick up from the mic that was plugged into input 1, making it impossible to record my guitar though input 2. Brought up a different project only to give me the same results. I have never had this problem using Artist 9.5 on this computer.

So, I’m not sure what to make of all this. Artist and Pro have the same system requirements, according to Steinberg, and I have not had problems like this with Artist. Is my computer not powerful enough to handle Pro?

On a happy note, the black bubble that initially pops up when you bring up Pro looks way cooler than the white one that you get with Artist. :laughing:

Ok, not sure if I should feel like an idiot or a champion right now…
Figured out both problems, and they were both user error!