Cubase pro VS Artist

Hello everyone, New guy here to cubase. Just purchased the artist 12coming from protools 9.

My studio uses cubase pro 10.5 and I compared his with mine today.

As we were trying to export individual tracks by wav format today, I noticed in my Artist version that I could not export all of the tracks individually at once but had to select them one at a time.

So my question is this,

Is this a limitation of Cubase artist? It is not a deal breaker however it would be a little easier if this was a regular option on cubase artist.

It would make file transfers much easier for sharing between my studio where he uses pro 10.5 and me at home using my artist 12.

Yes, this is a limitation of Cubase Artist. They’ve got to finance their development with upgrades somehow …

Cubase projects are compatible between those versions, as long as you don’t use anything in Artist 12 that was not yet available in Pro 10.5, so just zip up the entire folder and bring it along to your studio.

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You can compare the different versions here