Cubase pro8 and Tc-Helicon Voicelive touch 2

I update the voicelive touch 2 and cubase pro 8 doesn’t recognize it in configuration vst panel.
Is there someone who knows what i need to do?
I’m on windows 10.

Thank you for your precious help.

I found finally the solution that i will share with you.

1- download the driver asio4 all:
2- Open cubase and choose asio4all as audio driver.
3- In the configuration panel go to audio vst system (everything is in french for me so i try to translate it)
4- Clicks on the gray button dashboard under the asio4all page and then choose voicelive by clicking at your left where there is an arrow. You’re done.
Voicelive will appear.

5- under vst link; choose voicelive as audio input and output.

You’re done.