Cubase problem finding plugins

I am hoping someone can help me with my nightmare. I am an amateur so please excuse me if I use the wrong terms. My goal is to compose music on my DAW using Cubase. I have a Lenovo All-in-one Ideacentre with 1 TB storage and a Komplete Kontrol SS88 keyboard.

I was able to successfully set up and install enough to create and playback my own projects as well as those of others. However, after installing more sound libraries than Kontakt 5 such as Symphony Series Brass, Strings, Woodwinds, Percussion, Symphony Essentials for each orchestral section from Ultimate 11, Cinematic Strings, Miroslav’s Philharmonik 2, Sessions Pro Strings, Horns and more, my C drive was full.

Because this seemed premature, I contacted Lenovo support who moved, compressed, deleted temp files and suggested I use my D drive. I also purchased a Passport external drive to which to send my non-musical files such as photos, documents, videos to gain space. I then reinstalled some things on the D drive and copied and pasted others.

Obviously, now I cannot get anywhere. Cannot create or play projects. I receive error messages at every turn, mostly about missing plug-ins, missing files, missing tracks. I know the advice will probably be to start over by reinstalling everything but I am hoping there may be a simpler solution by renaming paths of copying/pasting to better locations.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.

Hi and welcome,

If you move the plug-ins (DLL files), set the path to the plug-in in Studio > VST Plug-in Manager. In general, the DLL (or VST3) files are quite small and it’s not necessary to move them to a D drive. The sound libraries are huge, and make sense to install/move them to the D drive.

Missing Files: If you moved a project to other location, you need to “link” the source Audio files. Click to Search, and set the path to the new location manually. Then reserve the project.