Cubase Problem/Opening Files With a New Drive

Hello, my name is Whitfield. I had to change my external drive (seagate backup plus drive) because the one I’ve been using is close to full and is not working properly. Once I installed the new drive (seagate portable), I had time machine recognize it and use it for back ups. It shows in the utility window. However, when I try to launch a project in the Steinberg hub (that I did using Cubase Pro 10), it would say it does not exist. If I go straight to the project’s folder and launch the project, it would try to open it using Cubase 7.5. I don’t know why this is happening. Can someone please give a solution for this? Thank you. By the way, I am using MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6.


Maybe the name of your HDD changes, so the absolute path to the project is not the very same as before. Therefore Steinberg Hub cannot find the projects.

Right-click to any *.cpr file and Get Info. Here you can set, which application should be used to open this type of files. Choose Cubase 10 and don’t forget to enable to change for all files.