Cubase "problem project" suddenly plays back all sounds extra slow even though sample rate is still

Hi, a project I’ve been working on for a while has suddenly gone weird. All the audio events in the project are playing back extra slow since yesterday, despite the fact that the project sample rate is the same as it’s always been. I first noticed it when importing a sound from Soundly - it sounded good in the app (and wasn’t set to extra fast or slow playback in the app), then sounded different in a new and empty audio track in Cubase. I then realised that the whole project no longer sounded the same as usual.

I’ve made sure I haven’t time-stretched any audio events by accident. I opened a blank project and set it to the same sample rate, copied some audio events from the problem project and they sound back to normal in the new project. My audio interface (Scarlett 2i4) is also set to the same sample rate, which I guess is why everything works fine in a new project. I installed the latest driver (as of 2 months ago) for it, as that’s when I moved to working on a new PC. Could it just be that my project has become corrupted somehow?

For the time being it seems I have no other option than to just copy and paste everything into the new project, but I would really like to know the cause of the problem in case it ever happens again, in the hopes that there is a simple way to undo/fix the problem (since migrating everything is going to be tedious and not a sustainable solution)!

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Make sure the Project’s Sample Rate matches the Audio Device’s Sample Rate, please.

Hi Martin, thanks for your response.

I did make sure that the audio interface’s sample rate matches the project’s sample rate, but the issue persists.


Have you tried to restart Cubase or the whole computer, please?

I did, and unfortunately still have the same problem

Any chance you changed the tempo (accidentally or otherwise) in the original project, with the audio tracks in musical mode instead of time mode? (That’s one thing that can munchkin-ize or Darth Vader-ize audio playback.)

Do you have a backup of the project from the last time it was playing okay that you could try loading to see if that still plays correctly? If so, maybe you can also look to see what might be different.

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