Cubase problem with files organizations (macos 10.15)

I have cubase 10.5.5, on MacBook Pro 15” 10.15.
Actually everything about files isn’t work properly.

  • when i try to import audio file cubase crashes.
  • when i try to find a preset in groove agent it shows me only 60.
    Also in hlion sonic i got problems like this.

I tried to reinstall it like 748467395 times and every time tried something i didn’t do.

Plz helppppp

Hi and welcome,

This is an known issue of Cubase 10.5. You can drag and drop an audio file to the project.

Make sure you have installed form the Full Installer, please.

I have the full version of cubase… still nothing to do?


I don’t mean Cubase derivative (Pro/Artist, etc.), I mean, if you have download Full Installer from the Download Assistance.