Cubase Problems

Recently tried WAVES plug ins demos.

So I’ve installed Ilok, waves installer/licence centre version 8

And Also gone to Cubase Version 6.5.1,

And because Waves doesn’t do 64 bit, I have revived my 32bit Cubase which I thought I’d stick with but

Now I have big problems!

Cubase 32bit wont open a project that works in 64 bit, and if I open it in 32bit, Reaktor 5 crashes Cubase when I open ‘the mouth’, and in standalone reaktor is functioning perfectly. 64bit Cubase crashes via Reaktor too.

I was suspicious of the ‘Waves’ install but having un installed Waves, and done sytem restore I’m still having the problems…

does anyone know a possible cause of this chinese finger trap of a problem :confused:

Doesn’t Waves 9 do 64 bit?

Yes, Waves 9 is 64-bit too, and without iLok.

Do you have last update of the Reaktor 5? Do you use Win, or Mac?

re - 64 bit, I only seemed to have availability of demo licences for version 8 plug ins (32bit), unless I’m missing something there I’ll check the website. But I downloaded the version 9 licence centre, and the plugs wouldnt work, saying ‘no version 9 licences found’

And I have latest reaktor, only seems to be 'the mouth, and ‘the finger’ within reaktor that cause the hangs and crashes so far as I know.

use win

And why is this topic called ‘Cubase Problems’? BTW, there are several already about Waves problems.