Cubase process doesn't stop when I exit on iMac

I’m brand new to Cubase … finally got 10.5 installed and running on my new iMac (I’m also a virgin to Apple … guess I’m a masochistic virgin :smiley: ). When I close Cubase and look at the Activity Monitor the process continues to run and consume CPU. As a result the system will never go to sleep unless I manually quit the process from the Activity Monitor. Perhaps I’m not exiting Cubase properly but I’ve tried closing Cubase from the “File” menu and by clicking on the “red dot” in the upper left corner of it’s window with the same result. I also can’t reactivate the Cubase window by clicking on it’s icon in the Dock unless I quit the process in Activity Monitor. Can someone tell me what’s wrong with me or my iMac?
Thank You


On Mac, you don’t close an application by clicking to the red dot only. By this, you close just the window. To close application use the File > Quit or Cmd + Q Key Command, please.

Thank you … that did the trick. I told you I was a virgin! BTW “Quit” is on the drop down menu under “Cubase LE AI Elements” on my iMac. Thanks again!


Oh yes, you are right, it’s not File menu on Mac, it’s always the application name menu.