Cubase Profile for Streamdeck

I’m excited about this profile from slideshow fx. Tested their beta and it works great. Plus they laid out the icon well.

I’ve just bought their Cubase Pro Profiles. Unfortunately, all the midi shortcuts do not work at all (although I followed to the letter their installation instructions)…

I bought their product a few months ago. I’ve given up

I was just looking into this. I think you guys just saved me some cash.

Just stumbled across this on youtube, surely someone has had a positive experience with it?

Looks incredible on the video lol.

Hmm this is interesting. After seeing a streamdeck with the SideshowFX template I am/was looking to purchase the XL StreamDeck and the Pro Template. I already have the 6 CMC pads, X Touch and Machine Studio/S61 MKII keys and the Cubase IC remote on an Ipad so I really dont need anything else but I am a sucker for shiney new things. The SideshowFX site says its working with Cubase 12 but you need to setup adn re-install the StreamDeck. Has anyone contacted SideshowFX support? I just dropped them a question about future updates before purchase this morning and got an instant reply. I think I may reply and let them know that people are having issues and because of that I wont be purchasing.

Can you reach out to us either through our contact form on the website of through chat please and we’ll get you up and running? Occasionally a user will have an issue in setup, in every case so far it is simply a step missed somewhere.

Our packs are fully working with Cubase 12.

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Hello Maax,

Yes, the current SideshowFX Cubase profile works with Cubase 12. Just follow the steps and instructions on how to install properly similar to installing profile in Cubase 11. Steps are stated in the included PDF.

They are working on an update.

The problem is it overwrites all the Cubase keyboard shortcuts and also the programmed shortcuts on my iCon control desk.

It works fine, mind the setting up has to be followed,

@arbibarbarona I was told they are working on a CB 13 update, hopefully before Christmas.

@Dave_Hook that’s bit of a bummer if it overwrites your iCon setup.
Wonder if there is anyway to merge Key Commands in CBase?

We are currently developing an update for Cubase 13, scheduled for release before Christmas. This update will bring significant enhancements, including the automatic loading of VST Instruments onto a track, the ability to call Audio and MIDI Effects with a button press, customization of actions, mouse actions, and more.

A standout feature to anticipate is the MIDI Remote Implementation, enabling the triggering of all Action Commands through MIDI Remote. This ensures universal compatibility, irrespective of the keyboard language in use.

Stay tuned for this substantial update!

Best regards.

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