cubase program preferences 32bit / 64bit

Hello and happy new year to all.

I have recentley installed cubase 7 and noticed that the 64bit install picked up all my settings from cubase 6.5 64bit (which is awesome), but the 32bit install of cubase 7 “didnt” pick up on my cubase 6.5 32bit settings. Has anybody come across a way to basically port over all the relevant settings without having to do it all manually ?. Also when i open a project up in c7 64bit that was created in c7 32bit that includes the use of external instruments/fx, the 64bit version throws up the warning missing instruments/fx even though i have set them up exactly the same in both versions. c7 64bit wants to find missing instrument “XV-3080 - 2” instead of “XV-3080”. Have i duplicated this external instrument by manually creating it for both versions ?. If so whats the correct way to go about the setup of one instance that wil be used by both 32 and 64bit versions of cubase. I hope this makes sense and hopefully theres an easy answer. thx in advance for any help/solutions.