Cubase project freezes every few minutes

I’m on a Mac, working on a film project. A good amount of tracks with East West plugins are loaded. Every now and then (usually right after I record a phrase), Cubase will freeze and I will get the processing icon for my cursor. This lasts about 30 seconds. Cubase usually snaps out of it and doesn’t crash, but it’s still driving me mad and I can’t understand the cause of this, or better yet, a good solution.

Whenever this happens, the “disk” meter in the VST Performance Meter goes way up.

It may be relevant to note that whenever I save the project, I get the “spinning ball” processing mouse icon as well.

I’m operating on an SSD. The East West files are stored on two separate external drives.

Buffer size is 2048. Anything lower results in a playback that stutters.

Note my signature for other computer specs.

Any solutions, thoughts, or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated!

turn off auto save

happens to me with EW on choir library, try testing without EW PLAY and see

I think this solved the problem. While my project is still pretty laggy, the random freezes are gone. Thanks!

Actually that freezing is a process of saving. It doesn’t happen during recording, so usually right after that, just like you said. Whenever i use several East West products in a project, project saving goes very long. And “maddening” is the right word you picked. Also CPU load from East West stuff is huge for some reason. When i load it all in Reaper, everything is fine. Cubase-EastWest issues are never ending i guess… which is a big bummer to find out after you’ve spent a lot on it all))

For Cube100: Did you figure out any solution to this besides disabling Auto Save? I’m having the same problem and I find Auto Save useful enough to not want to turn it off.

Just restarted from the install DVD and repaired the startup disk, then repaired permissions, and now it seems to be fixed. Fingers crossed it lasts…

Nope, didn’t last.