Cubase Project Import for Multitimbral Synth - Halion Sonic

I try to use Halion Sonic for all my Cubase Projects. Is there a way of importing your Halion Sonic midi channels settings or do we have to start from scratch again in VST Live. Program changes etc don’t seem to be imported.

Also, my DMXIS lighting VST is not showing as an available insert?

You need to set Halion to “GM Mode” in options to accept program changes.

What exactly do you mean? You can select DMXIS in Connections/DMX and use it as DMX track output when installed correctly.

That’s great, thankyou!

I must be doing something wrong with the DMXIS. I’ll try again.

Re the DMXIS. The program can be used as a VST plugin in Cubase. I am talking about the DMXIS software program and not the physical unit that transmits DMX. Basically midi notes sent to DMXIS (as an instrument plugin) to change lighting scenes

. Start VL
. Select TRACKS
. Add MIDI Track
. Load “DMXIS-Inst” as an “Output Device” in the inspector


Hi Michael. That’s exactly what I am trying but DMXIS is not showing up as an option? It is however showing as an option in Cubase.

Edit. Got it sorted. VST was not scanning the correct folder on startup .

Sorry for all these questions but I had assumed that transferring from Cubase Projects would just work immediately as in Cubase