Cubase project linked preview audio file


Having several hundreds of Cubase project .cpr files, its a time-consuming task to load a project every time I want to hear the content.

It would be good to have the possibility to “link” an exported audio file to specific Cubase Project (.cpr) file - OR - to select “Project Preview” as an export option direct from “Audio Mixdown” menu. Then Cubase will place such file in a specific folder.

So, when browsing files in the MediaBay, selecting a .pcr file, its audio “Project Preview” file will automatically play. Just like when you select an ordinary .wav (audio) file.

My vote +1 for this! :slight_smile:


Hi MusicStarter,

The thread below seems to be the same feature that you are asking for. You make want to post your thoughts in that thread since it already has several responses.

Thanks, will participate.