Cubase project ruined (different speeds, samples seperated)

First time posting on this forum but I have learned a lot from other posts. Please be patient with my language because I am not as versed as others. I have produced music for 20 years but always used tape or digital 8 tracks with minimal editing.

I have a project that I was working on last week. I came back to work on it, and it seems my samples are all spaced apart now leaving gaps in every beat. I will find the best beat I like out of Jam and range select it and then multiply it. Some of these end up having spaces throughout and some of them don’t. When I came back to this project, the samples are spaced apart equally but are much further apart, so the whole project is off and sounds horrible. Everything is off time. I tried to revert project to no avail. I was wondering if somehow it was moved by selecting everything to a grid mode but I don’t remember this happening. I will upload a sample picture.

In the picture the samples should be tight next to each other. If this was the beginning of a project I would just start over but have been crafting this thing on and off for 2 years.

I hope someone can help. Thank you in advance. Pictures Below

Cubase Project 1

On tracks 3 and 4 this tiny samples should be spaced apart in some way but they are off from the original.

It looks like your Audio isn’t set to Musical Mode and the Tempo was changed at some point - hard to tell for sure from just the screenshot.

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I wonder if the sample rate on the interface is now different to the project. Ideally the interface should change automatically to match the sample rate of the project but when that doesn’t happen it can cause chaos.


yes… this ^^^ could very well happen. I have had my audio interface crap out on my and reset to a different sample rate.


I had an accident happen and I was out for several days with the interface left on. This could possibly be it. It is interesting you say that because some things sound down tuned but the plugins stayed the same. The way it looks now I find the only solution is to redo it all manually and recopy. I did it all manually to begin with. My methods are primitive, and I don’t use project tempos or grids. I am so used to manually editing.

Thank you I will check this out. I don’t use the tempo or grid settings and do everything manually. Not sure if this makes a difference.

After reading your breakdown this seems the case very much.

OK OK OK, so i must have changed my tempo at some point and its either in musical mode or not. I am not sure because I can’t even locate where that would be but I set my track back to 120 and it all moved back into place!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU