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I will soon receive my ipad and I want to use it for playback stuff while playing drums - Currently I am using my Macbook with Cubase on it - just opening the projects I made in the studio on my main computer.

So how will this work in Cubasis? Can I open Cubase projects directly?

If not: First I need to transfer the tempo track, set up the metronome, then the playbacks - maybe using stem mixdowns.

Is this possible? Can I open the tempotrack file or do I have to use midi files for transfering the metric changes / tempo information?

Thanks for any hint, maybe all of this sounds stupid - but there is no information regarding this - usually only the other way round - transfering stuff from Cubasis to Cubase…

While Cubase can import Cubasis projects via the Cubasis project importer it is not possible to import Cubase projects to Cubasis. However it is possible to import both audio and Midi files.

Please have a look at the MediaBay chapter of Cubasis’ In-App help to see yourself if the available options suit your needs:

And tempo track is not possible at the moment, but on our to do list.


Thanks for the very fast reply!

I will check that out! Btw your link gives me a 404 error - but I will find by myself.
Well, when we are here - I just stepped over the topics dealing with the “tempotrack”. So it seems there is no tempotrack in Cubasis yet? Not really? Or is it just the tempotrack im/export which is missing?

I mean - in some way you have to apply tempo changes - I only know of a few songs without any changes in tempo…

Hi again,

link is fixed now… :wink:



So it seems the tempo of a project is fixed? When I import a midi file containing tempo information - will this be ignored then?

If yes I have to search for something else when I want to use the ipad.

Sorry, but yes at the moment no tempo track… only a fixed tempo. But we are working on it and its on our future feature list.


Ok, thanks! I am looking forward for that version! :slight_smile:

As I said - there are not much songs (at least in MY “life”) which have a fixed tempo…