Cubase projects in .ALL format. Help?

Hi all,
I have a pretty desperate request here. I was a Cubase user for many years (Starting with VST version 4) but moved away to another program about 10 years ago. I recently came across a treasure trove (to me at least) of all projects in .ALL format which is no longer supported. I was using Cubase SL 3.1 at the time and unfortunately no longer have it around.

I am trying to find some way of loading these song projects so that I can export the MIDI tracks as standard MIDI files. That is all I really want from these projects. I should have been smart and exported them all as MIDI tracks before I moved away from Cubase :frowning:

I have downloaded a version of Cubase SL3.1 that Steinberg makes available but of course I have no hardware dongle or license key to use it with.

Does anybody either have an old version of Cubase they are interested in selling or perhaps some suggestions on how I can achieve my goal of getting these files loaded so I can export the MIDI? that’s all I really want.

Much appreciated in advance :slight_smile: