Cubase projects (jazz/funk/reggae/etc....)

I just finished an 8 month project of updating my studio gear, website, and demos. It ended up being a bigger project than I expected! All of the tracks on the “Tunes” and “Gear” pages of the website were produced with Cubase 8.5 and various plug-in virtual instruments. The woodwinds were played live, and the drums on “Silesia” and “Stagger With Swagger” were played live, too. The rest of the instruments are computer-based, or were played on my WX-5. Check it out here:

I’m listening right now, on the third one. Very smooth polished sound. Of course, the reeds are great! As an alleged guitarist, it was the guitars so far that sounded the least realistic, but you work with what you got! Thanks for sharing it. I’m going to listen through all of them. It’s the kind of stuff I go for.

Drums sound really good on Silesia. Maybe I had too many glasses of wine, but there is no “Stagger with Swagger” in the list.

Thanks! My son played drums on Silesia and Stagger With Swagger, which is on the Gear page of the website (that’s why you didn’t see it on the Tunes page). You’re right about detecting VIs vs. live on your main axe. Imagine being a horn player and hearing all those DX-7 horn section patches in the 80s and 90s! :smiley: