Cubase Purchased but trial notifaction end pops up when loading

Cubase Purchased but trial notification end pops up when loading. why does it do this.
It did not for at least 3 weeks after the purchase but now when load the application Cubase 11 a window I have to close is the one that says your cubase 11 is on a trial and that trial is expired …then I have to click ok.
One thing also, I have a particular plug in it’s called bass grinder, this plug in did not used to cause my pc to have cubase suddenly close but I have detected a pattern now, where I am simply not going to load that plug. Just lost some work as I did not save my work and loaded the plug in and it crashed. As I said any time I load the plug in, I had used it in the past no problems ?

I still have not heard from cubase about the $7.80 I got ripped off because I was offered a 10% disc and it was never applied. I got an email back from the online shop saying it has been forwarded to Steinburg support and they will contact me as soon as possible. That email was about 2.5 weeks ago. ???
Of course it looks like I will give up, as it is not worth my time, but com on. You know what I know we live in a world where technology is /has grasped us all, many of us so excited and committed to seeing through any challenges technology has to put in our faces, but honestly, often at times I can wondering how did technology and corporations have to make technology use so bad. I know I know, there is all the agenda’s, profits model, and control mechanisms, but hell we should all be able to have fun again without so much internet pollution (pollution I will call it, adds given by google and all the like) there you go my rant. I want to not rant anymore. So all the best to you all.


Have activated your regular Cubase license already? If yes, could you try to start eLCC (as administrator, if you are on Windows) and trigger Maintenance? Does it help?

Which Cubase edition is it, please?

You could attach the *.crash/dmp file here to have a look, if it crashes in Cubase or the plug-in.

Mac: macOS Console utility > User Reports folder or Crash Reports in macOS 10.15 (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).
Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

Please, don’t mix up multiple topics at one thread.

Hi there Martin, I will try not to mix up topics in one thread next time, except for this response. Thanks for your response. From what I could find, is the only crash dumps I could find were in a folder for Cubase LE AI 9 (none of which are any time recent), while for anything to do with my Cubase Elements 11…I could find a (input/output vst xml file, once opened it showed it had the plug ins that I had as input and out and there was about 15 in the list specifying about 3 or 4 other plug ins I was using at the time, and it was dated 10/02 and showed the time in the early hours of the morning of which I was using the program. I have tried selecting unblock for the dll file of the bass grinder and it it was saying assertion error or that it failed. Either way, I just did a empty project added a audio track , added an insert (Bass Grinder and it loaded and I could change the parameters fine) So it’s a bit strange it happens when I had a fair amount of other plug ins loaded and a few audio events recorded. I am going to see if it causes any issues, or actually I will probably not need to use that plug in (it’s not one Steinburg specifically offers , its a free download, but if there is a sudden crash like that again out of the blue and it is from anything but that bass grinder plug in I will let you know.

Here is the attachments of the results after the e license maintenance. Perhaps it is thinking or reading that I have A Folder on computer named Cubase 11 (Trial) and it is just letting me know that the trial is expired. Not sure what else I can do on that. Thanks Martin.
E_License maintenance3

P.S in other words, I could not find a crash dump file from Cubase 11 as I could not find that folder after having a full on look around through all possible locations.


Could you attach a screenshot of the eLCC application, to be able to see the right side, where the licenses are, please? Please make sure the Soft-eLicenser Number (and USB-eLicenser Number, if there is any) is blurred.

Hi Martin, I will do, I am just away from home for a day or two, I already took the screen shot of those but did not know if it was the right thing to do to sent that info visibly etc. But will do soon.
Bye bye

HI Martin, here is the screenshot you requested. Thanks


This looks as expected. There shouldn’t be a problem.

I would try to start eLCC as administrator. Then I would trigger the Maintenance, I would try to trigger the Cleanup eLicenser Memory and the Update eLicenser License Database from the support menu.

OK thank you, I will give that a try. Cheers