Cubase Quantize VS Logic


I now realize that the quantize settings are in a different panel. Hopefully this can be moved to the inspector in a future version.

Now about the quantize itself. Does Cubase use a different type of quantize than Logic. To my ears, they are not the same timing. Maybe I’m missing a setting. Thanks!

You have the settings also in the inspector (if you don’t see the, right click on an empty part of inspector, and activate the “Quantize” panel :

Hey Amadeus, what type of quantize does Logic use?
If you haven’t already, the Quantize section in the manual is worth reading.

Quantization options in Cubase are in my opinion much more extended than in Logic.
I only miss the quantize slider of Logic. Instead of that Cubase uses Soft Quantize, that works incrementally instead of being on a slider:

Can you elaborate about what differences you “hear”?

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Oh snippity snap! Thanks!

Maybe Logics timing is more robotic. Maybe it’s my imagination. I just always feel like they are not 100 percent identical. I’ll keep playing with it. Thank you.

If you want the same result as you have in Logic with the quantize slider at 100%, you should deactivate the soft quantizing in Cubase (from the icon or unchecking it in the inspector) and then click again on the Q (to requantizing and making so the notes align exactly on the chosen rhythmic grid)

Thanks Christian. I will give that a try.