Cubase questions

I have 2 questions:

  1. can Cubase be used as a “synth” - I play notes or chords on my MIdi Synth (controller), and Cubase plays those notes/chords right at the same time, and I can change the sounds immediately as I play? (I can do this on my synthesizers - just seeing if I can use Cubase as a “software synth”.)

  2. (IF it does the above) What is the cost of Cubase? If Cubase only records, it’s of absolutely NO USE to me. It MUST have the ability to play (in “real time”) MIDI notes from my controller.


Anywhere from free, when it’s included with a device, such as one of these, to a fairly significant cost, depending on the Cubase derivative you buy. Elements in the cheapest, and would do what you are asking.

See Compare the versions of Cubase | Steinberg

Trial versions of Cubase are available.

I’m not “up” on the “modern lingo”, but does “VST” mean “virtual synth”??

If that is the case, it looks like the “LE” won’t do what I need:

Can you pleeeeeeez guide me (an 80’s synth player - not a modern USB “rhythm keyboard” player) - to the correct version. I’m using Mac OS 10.11

Thank you,

VST stands for Virtual Studio Technology, invented by Steinberg in the '80s, and now the de facto standard for Software instruments and audio plugins for digital audio workstations, aka, DAWs.
This will explain it better than I could: Virtual Studio Technology - Wikipedia.

As far as synths go, it can be explained briefly like this:

It’s just like a synth, but everything happens inside the computer.

Cubase AI and LE are included with gear, and not available to buy. Elements is the cheapest version that can be bought.

Although I tried a lot to make it work, I couldn’t get the demo going, and all stated I need 10.15
So, I updated, and I bought Apple’s MainStage. Quick and easy.

Thank you, though.