Cubase Quick Control & Native Komplete S25

Hey there,

It seems I have an issue that needs support. I’m using the Komplete Kontrol S25 and would like to set up it as a hardware controller to controll my VST synth. I have the chanels right and CC14 - CC21 is allocated to the quick control. The system however is not reacting as it should. I have tested all the way and watched all possible YT tutorials. I use Komplete Kontrol DAW-1 as midi in and out. Flags are set to ‘send’ & ‘receive’ in the studio - device settings. Drivers are up to date. Keyboard was disconnected and connected again but I can not get the potentiometer controlling the QC parameter for a reason. Maybe one of you can help?

You may need to use the other midi port from the Komplete Kontrol (not the DAW port) for Quick Controls.

The DAW port is intended to be used as a separate Remote Device.

Here’s my setup:

Track Quick Controls (i.e. using the first set of 8 knobs (page 1):

VST Quick Controls (i.e. using the second set of 8 knobs (page 2):

Remote Device

I was probably wrong as I set starting channel 14 at the VST Quick control rather the Track Quick Control. Thank you.