Cubase Quieter Than System Audio: Mac

I’ve got Cubase hooked up through my n12 (MR816 is connected via FW as well) and for some reason, ASIO applications are a little quieter than the system. Like, if I’m listening to my voiceover project in Cubase, it’s quiter than the exported file that plays back in Quick Look or any music player. This doesn’t happen on the MR816 at home.

The Audio + MIDI Settings in OS X aren’t much help; “Yamaha Steinberg FW” is selected as the System Output device, but the Volumes are all zeroed, basically bypassed, which is to be expected.

Sometimes this would happen on Windows, but that was because system levels were off. The system volume is greyed-out, so I’m not sure what’s causing the difference…

Cubase 5.5.3, OS X 10.6.7, Yamaha n12 & Steinberg MR816

Have a look at your audio prefs. Check that every volume is on full including quicktime. I thing this is probably pretty normal. Also, your audio output may be effected by the mac volume control. Check this is on full too.

Hey thanks, chrisyking. For some reason, it’s OK today…who knows. I noticed the Built-In Output was set to a “Value” of 0.76, but it didn’t seem to change anything. At least it’s normal today.

Thanks again.