Cubase Quit unexpectedly

Why does this do this when all I am doing is File > Quit ???

“Cubase quit unexpectedly
Click Reopen to open the application again. Click Report
to see more detailed information and send a report to Apple.”

And what’s the point of reporting it? Because it would go to Apple, not Steinberg. Is this NOT a Steinberg issue? Are only Mac users having this problem? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


This is default macOS crash log file, you would get with any application which crashes on Mac. Steinberg cannot affects it.

On Windows you can find the *.dmp files in the Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps folder.

You can attach the *.crash files here on the forum.

I get this message too every time I quit 10.5 in Catalina. Very annoying.


Please, attach the *.crash file.

Cubase Crash Log.crash (86.1 KB)
Hey guys. Can someone help me read my crash log? thanks


The crash is clearly in the Pluginboutique Scaler plug-in:

Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
0   com.pluginboutique.Scaler     	0x0000000135952e77 0x1357da000 + 1543799
1   com.pluginboutique.Scaler     	0x00000001359071ad 0x1357da000 + 1233325
2   com.pluginboutique.Scaler     	0x00000001358ebadb 0x1357da000 + 1120987
3   com.pluginboutique.Scaler     	0x00000001357e0933 0x1357da000 + 26931
4   com.pluginboutique.Scaler     	0x00000001357dd64a 0x1357da000 + 13898

Wow!! Thank you Martin!

SAME here. Scaler 2 crashed, as described in screenshot.

Cubase 10 (and up) also crashes unexpectedly when I’m working with setting up track presets of Komplete Kontrol instances (that contain Kontakt libraries). See screenshot…


Interesting is, there is no *.dmp file mentioned in the dialog. That leads me to an idea, the crash is out of Cubase.

Same thing here.

I was playing piano and suddenly, CB disappeared.
No .dmp file (a brand new computer with first installation of Cubase 10.5.20)
So, anything relate to an old version of CB.