Cubase quits unexpectedly while working in session!

I know there has been a few posts of this error but those were after quitting or starting up Cubase.

Well my issue is Cubase 7 quits unexpectedly while Im working in a session. Then it asks me to report to Apple. I send about 20 of these with in 3 hrs. This really sucks because I lose my work and shouldn’t have to save every 30 seconds. Cubase will quit after 2 minutes of work to quitting every 5 minutes. Also my entire screen turns white when editing.

Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Doesn’t help. Problem is actually getting worse each day. Computer is brand new. Spoke with Apple, they reviewed the errors and said the issue is coming from with in Cubase so its not their problem.

This gets really annoying. Hope someone has a fix???

This could be either some kind of Kext problem or a hardware problem on your new machine.

Kexts are Kernel Extensions that interact between the apps and the devices connected to the cpu: the display, keyboard, speakers etc. And of course your sound device and anything else that is plugged in to the machine.

BTW, it is not Cubase asking to report to Apple, but the Apple crash daemon that is talking to you.

The Apple support person might have read the crash log and saw what process crashed the computer, and that it was one of Cubase’s, but that doesn’t tell the whole story of why that Cubase process crashed.

If this was a problem other people were also having there would have been numerous posts about it, so it’s unlikely that someone has a fix. But possible I guess.

If it were my machine I would start from scratch and do a system reinstall. Trouble shooting this kind of thing might not be worth your time.

You might also run Apple Hardware Test, by holding ‘D’ while your machine starts up. It does not work on all machines, (more info at apple support if you need it.)

good luck

Thanks Steve, I completed a Hardware test and everything is fine, the computer is a little under 2 months old. I knew the reports were going to Apple so I called and luckily I got someone that uses Cubase as well, or he said he does. I guess my only option is to re-boot the computer if these issues continue.

Oh btw, I did perform about 10 re-installs of Cubase and then on the last one, instead of updating to 7.0.3 , I only updated to 7.0.1, and havent had an issue yet. Now that I remember , this issue didn’t start until the 7.0.2 update. 7.0.0 sucked but 7.0.1 always seemed to work fine for me, but Im only 1 day with no issues so lets see.

Thanks Mann.

Glad you got it sort of sorted. Wondering if you had a Cubase 6 install on that machine? If so did you move/rename/delete its prefs folder?

Well I wouldn’t say its 100% sorted, I still feel I should be able to update to 7.0.3 with no issues since Steinberg claims it resolves 70 known issues, I dont understand how 7.0.1 works better for me but again, its only been 1 day with no errors. I may still perform a Reinstall on everything but only if I get the error again.

To answer your question, I never had Cubase 6. I had Cubase 4 on an old computer so when I bought this new computer, I just installed Cubase 7.

the computer is a little under 2 months old.

Just wondering if this is a Mac tower or an iMac or a laptop?

If a laptop, just wondering if this could be Retina Display issue.

I have heard podcast reports (not specific to DAW users) that RD
Macs can have a range of issues.

Just trying to cover all the bases. (basses ha)

It’s an iMac, best Apple sells at the moment. 3.4 quad core i7, 32gb ram, 1tb fusion drive. Specs r in my signature at the bottom of this post. Cubase quit once today after 2 hours of use. It’s weird because right before this happens my arrangement screen turns white. I erased my hard Drive and reinstalled the osx and going to start from scratch. Problem now is the Start Center to perform the install won’t open. I guess Ill need to wait for Steinberg to respond to my trouble ticket.

For anyone who is subscribed to this post, here is the update:

I performed an Erase and Reinstall back to day 1 on my computer. However I was not able to open Service Center to perform the Cubase 7 install. I thought…huh…Now Im starting to think the 3 install parts might of been corrupted. At this point I contacted Ask.Net and asked for a re-download of Cubase 7 because they turned off downloads after 14 days of purchase. They gave me the new download:)

I analyzed the 3 parts and they were created/modified in Feb 2013. The new installers were a little different in size as well. Im guessing an updated version which was Cubase 7.0.2. My original installers were created/modified back in December 2012 and they started me on 7.0.0.

Well, long story short, Start Center opened and a complete install performed. I am now running Cubase in 64 bit instead of 32 bit so Im going to keep my fingers crossed the issues were due to the original download being corrupted. Im looping a project and if it will run all night without unexpectedly quitting, all should be good.

Good luck. for future reference the full install files are available at

Yea I didn’t know that. Thanks.

Glad you got it sorted.

Good luck with your test.

Hi All,

So I let my project run all night with around 30 tracks, some Audio but most Instruments and 50 plug ins, Group Channels, FX Channels PLUS had Reason 7 Rewired in and running random stuff. NO CRASHES! Project was still running this morning.

Solution : 64 bit Cubase. I guess 32 bit caps on RAM even if you have more. 64bit will use what you have available.