Cubase Racks Exploded View

Would you be interested in a Cubase racks exploded view feature?

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Cubase Racks are great for visually viewing channel information across many channels. Unfortunately, the channel strip information, for instance, is a bit small for ease of use. True, this is addressed somewhat by resizing track heights and widths with Cubase’s zoom functions. However, this also reduces the viewable track count.

I would love for Steinberg to implement an “exploded view” feature. The attached “CubaseRacks_01.jpg” image displays a typical view when working with racks; “CubaseRacks_02.jpg” depicts a notional “exploded” view. This view would allow one to maintain one’s track count while interactively enlarging segments of a rack view by mouse click and/or mouse rollover events.

I’d rather be able to hide the faders via lower zone, accomplishing more or less the same thing.

Hiding the lower zone faders is a good idea, especially in a multi-monitor setup. However, it does not accomplish the same thing as an exploded view. Cubase zooming would still be required with your recommendation. Here are the value propositions of an exploded view as I described it:

  • Preserves the existing track count in the monitor, since zooming is not required

  • Displays targeted rack areas with ease via mouse events and/or keyboard shortcuts

  • Increases visibility of the targeted areas, which reduces eye strain, provides better mouse interactivity and provides better touch interactivity on touch-screen displays

If it’s about the zoom (not the program’s zoom, keys GH etc.), so as to see bigger controls, I’d surely like that myself too.