Cubase randomly drops VST device port connections

I started with 8.5 pro and recently upgraded to 9 but it was happening in both. I thought it might be a driver issue but it does not happen in Ableton Live or Samplitude.

Basically I’ll close out of Cubase and say the next day I’ll open it and input/output, external effects etc device port assignments are gone.

It’s not an every day thing, more like once a month or so but it’s very annoying and wastes a lot of time troubleshooting the issue.

For instance today I opened up a project and I had several tracks with outboard reverb on them that today had no reverb on them. I spent like 20-30 minutes hunting down the issue to find that the external effects device ports had been deleted on their own. I had to break out my patchbay charts and setup the routes again. :imp:

Is this normal with Cubase? Is there a way to fix this from happening again?


Are you on Windows?

Test your ASIO via LatencyMon, please.

Yes, Windows 8.1 Pro. I just ran LatencyMon, no issues reported. I beg to ask what would latency/resource issues have in common with the program deleting device port connections?

If you work on other projects with other connections in between, then yes the connections have changed.
You would have to make the connections again.
You can save in and outputs separately in vst-connections. Sadly there is no option for saving external fx still.


Inputs, Outputs and Group/FXs are project-related busses, so they are stored with the project. Other busses are global (since Cubase 8), so they will stay independent from the project.

Neither of these are the case but thank you. I’m only working in one project at a time.

I mentioned that two days ago I closed out of the current Cubase project I’m working on, then the next day when I started it up the outboard effects device ports had been removed by the application. Also I hadn’t just created those FX busses that day, I created them weeks prior and they were there and fully functional the day prior.

None of the other inputs/outputs were removed. So it’s not like the program just lost communication with the audio interface device. What happened was out of nowhere it just deleted the FX busses for no apparent reason.

I suppose I could delete the preference files (again) and see if it helps? Overall I’ve found it to be a fairly buggy application compared to other DAW’s I’ve worked with in the past. :confused:

That is indeed strange, did you have a crash in between it working and not working ?
So the fx connections where removed from vst-connections, and not just set to “not connected”?

I’d like to add something to this discussion. Since bumping up from 9.0.1 to 9.0.10, I have discovered that reopening projects created in 9.0.1 are dropping some of their MIDI output assignments. While this is not exactly the same thing as Deven reports (nor the same platform) I’ll bet the farm that code-wise they are related. I’ve never seen this happen with any previous Cubase build ever.

Peakae, No crashes but it just happened again. I just opened the app to work on that same project and all my FX connections are set to “not connected”. None of my other input/output connections are missing or set to “not connected”. What am I doing wrong here?

I experienced this twice last week but I have no idea what may have caused it. In my case, the ports on my UR824 that were assigned to “monitor” were unassigned when opening a project (same project both times). They were definitely assigned when I had last opened the project. It doesn’t happen with any consistency, though, and doesn’t happen often. I was running 9.0.1 at the time (just upgraded to .10 this weekend).


This happened one day with 9.0.1 and then I upgraded to .10. Closed out the app and later opened and it happened again. It happened a couple of times with version 8.5 where I lost the port connections but not the FX busses to my knowledge.
I’ve had a few app crashes with 8.5. So far it’s been stable with v9. I still have a buggy issue with the mix console loading. I have to click Devices > Mix Console twice or F3 twice for it to load in a project and it never loads automatically, not sure if this is normal but even saving it as part of a template it never loads automatically. Strange because you can set this up to load automatically in just about any DAW app on the market.