Cubase randomly transposes MIDI

I made a Chord Track based on my guitar parts (Charts)

Dragged Chord Track to Halion Sonic instruments and they worked perfectly several times through

For no reason at all, one of more of the parts automatically transposes itself up or down 1 or 2 semitones.

Any ideas how to stop this?


Are you talking about MIDI Parts (Instrument tracks) or Audio Parts or Events (Audio tracks)?

MIDI parts from the Halion Sonic plugin. You drag a chord track into it and it’s perfect for a while and then all of a sudden it just flattens…


Does the track follow the Chord Track?

Yes … but totally transposed … usually a semitone flat. It sometimes does it in the middle of the track so it starts at the right pitch then just drops half a step.


Do you have Transpose track involved by any chance? Or is the MIDI Part transposed?

Nothing. It is a random change. I can play through once perfectly and on the 2nd play it changes…

I’m having the same problem, someone please help us!

My midi notes in the score are in C Major, but the audio coming out of the speakers is in Eb.

It changed spontaneously. I played a new take, I changed the velocity info. It sounded good. Played back a few more times whilst tweaking velocity data. Then playback was suddenly up three semitones.

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Make sure the Audio Devices Buffer Size matches the Project’s Buffer Size, please.

Did you ever solve this? I’m having the same problem…

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Does the Project Sample Rate matches the Audio Device Sample Rate?

Sample rates are fine. I open cubase and work on a project, all is fine, until a single track of midi is drops two semitones in pitch, with no clear reason why. I close Cubase without saving, reopen it and it’s all working as it should again, but then after a few minutes of editing, it will happen again.

Is it possible that there is a MIDI device that sends Pitch Bend data to the instrument in question?
It is not unheard of that a pitch bend wheel or mod wheel becomes janky with age and starts sending erroneous data.

During this last test all external gear was switched off (midi keys, synths, launchpad, etc.).

I can’t help but think I’m triggering a command in the software, but I’ve no idea what. It isn’t related to a specific plug-in/software instrument either.


Do you use any MIDI loopback or virtual MIDI Port software by any chance?

If you have a generic device check if it is casing that by disabling the midi out of the device, also check quick controls, in preference I have checked on “do not reset chased controllers” as well.

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I use MidiView… which I just uninstalled - the problem has gone away for the moment - I will post again if it comes back! Thanks for the input

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Thanks - did this for good measure