Cubase Ready light on YAMAHA N12 doesn't light up


I have already instal the Cubase AI 4.5.2 update on my pc, (windows XP sp 3) and have instaled the Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver.

The N 12 Mixer have the Yamaha n8/n12 Firmware V1.07

When i started Cubase AI 4.5.2 the Cubase Ready (in N12) light doesn’t light up.

DAW remote control doesn’t work too

What can i do to solve this problem.

Someone can help me?

Have you added the Device to Cubase in Cubase?


I too have a similar problem and see on other forums it is common.
I have just got the N8 ( New but was old stock from dealer) and all the Firmware (N8 - V1.03 and N8IEEE V1.07) are correct and up to date
The Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver is correct and the nExtensions loaded - V2.7.2
Cubase AI 4 is the latest version

N8 templates appear correctly when starting a new project - Firewire communication is fine - I can record on Cubase/channel, etc and everything works perfectly, except the remote control ( ie Cubase light does not come on)
I noted that N8 does not appear in the list of remote devices, so can’t add it and I think that is the problem.
I plan to Unistall Cubase and the nExtensions and reinstall and see if it works. If there are any suggestion it would be appreciated, thx

(The remote is not a big requirement for me but would be nice if it worked)

Aloha guys and sad but true.

Also keep in mind that several months ago Yamy warned us that we may no longer
get driver/tools updates for the ‘n’ series.

The following info may or may not help but here is a (long)
Cubase/Steinberg thread on using Cubase with the n12/8.

I also get good info at the ‘gearslutz’ Yamaha n12/8 forum.

HTH (hope this helps)