CUBASE / REAKTOR how to get multichannel out ?


i want to use reaktor inside cubase… (actually i have nuendo but not much activity on this forum)
problem is if i set audio outs in the “VST Instruments” window i can only select outputs by pairs.
i see 8 stereo outputs that i can activate.
but i would like to have 8 mono outs from reaktor (to send DC audio to ES-3 module for my eurorack)

Is there a way to do this in cubase ?
or do i have to run reaktor in standalone and MTC with virtual MIDI (wich i can’t get to work so far)

thx for any help.

I think Cubase is simply showing you what Reaktor makes available to it.
Don’t think it has any configuration for outs although other NI stuff like Kontakt does.