Cubase real-time peaks

Hi all,

I have 2 MR816csx interfaces in my 1-year old Windows 7 PC connected with DeLOCK FireWire 400 card.

With Windows dirextX Asio driver I have no problems but when I switch to Yamaha Steinberg FW Asio then the real-time peak meter starts getting very sensitive. When I play MIDI keyboard it sometimes peaks causing a half second pause and crack sound.

I did the tasks listed on Steinberg page but did not help. Any ideas on how to solve it? Do you think the DeLOCK may not be the cause for this? It was a bit pricier but I am not sure if it has TI chip or not.

DeLOCK has 2 x Texas Instruments TSB43AB22A chips so it should be ok I suppose. I will go on searching and report back to here. All info welcome.


Please make sure you have the latest drivers and Firmware installed for your MR816 interface.

Have you been through this article?
Sometimes switching to the Legacy driver solves the problem:

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