Cubase receiving midi messages but midi remote is not

Hi everyone. I’m trying to set up a midi remote in Cubase 12 to work with an Open Stage Control touch controller. Cubase itself is receiving all midi signals from O-S-C as evidenced in the input/output activity monitor in the bottom right but when trying to assign these to buttons in the midi remote it doesn’t receive anything. Is there something I’m missing potentially? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


What kind of MIDI Messages do you send? How is the MIDI Input of the MIDI Remote setup?

I’m trying to send program changes and the MIDI input of the remote is set to be the port the program changes are being sent on. I’ve gotten this to work in the past with controllers so maybe the MIDI remote doesn’t work with program changes?


As far as I can see in the documentation, there are these binding options:

  • bindToNote
  • bindToControlChange
  • bindToControlChange14Bit
  • bindToControlChange14BitNRPN
  • bindToPitchBend
  • bindToChannelPressure

No Program Change.