Cubase recording audio track. Strange problem.

Hi friends.

  1. When I try to record vocal track in any other template (acoustic guitar+vocal, default, empty etc)
    I have no audio recorded (wave is flat) but mic working perfect.

  2. When I try to record vocal track in this template - Piano + Vocal
    everything works OK! I have audio recorded, I see waves and I can hear it perfect.

Why my mic working in “Piano+Vocal” template but not working on others, especially when I choose “Empty” ??

I have Cubase AL 6 and Steinberg CI2+,
C414 mic and Headphones EX-25.

Please help. I tried to find answer for this problem all over the net.


Be aware, the acoustic guitar+vocal template uses Input 2 as an Mic input. if your microphone is Input 1, change the input in the tracks, or change the Devices > VST Connections > Input setup, please.