Cubase recording CC65 instead of CC64 for sustain pedal

I’m using a Komplete Kontrol S61, Cubase 11, playing a Kontakt piano, using a sustain pedal its not working at all for sustain. Midi activity is showing when I press the pedal. Recording a track, it records CC65 (portamento) instead of CC64 (sustain).

Any idea how to fix this?

Strange… IMO, a sustain pedal should always deliver CC64 messages : there is something to check in your controller device settings. Meanwhile, and as a workaround, I would do this :

  1. Activate the Input transformer in the track inspector as ‘Global’,
  2. Set it as following :


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  1. Open Komplete Kontrol (the app)
  2. Click on the “PEDALS” tab
  3. Use the user manual (page 81) to figure out how to change the pedal’s output to CC64.

As additional help to what @cubic13 suggested, here’s where you need to go to activate the input transformer for a particular MIDI track:



Thanks for the replies.

I had opened Komplete Kontrol as a standalone and checked settings for Pedals and they seem ok Switch mode, and Tip is set to cc64. (Ring is set to CC65 not sure what that does exactly…).

But no change …

If you set the pedal to Switch (not Continuous), then, depending on the pedal you’re using (NO / NC)*, you will need to select one of the two options: Tip or Ring. You’ll know if the selected option is right if the notes are sustained when the pedal is pressed/pushed down. If the notes overlap (get sustained without you pressing the pedal), then you need to select the other option.

Amateur info (I might be wrong)

Here’s how a stereo jack looks like:

In a mono jack, the ring contact is in the same place (on the same side) as where the sleeve is in a stereo jack. Maybe this is why the two settings are named tip and ring (so that the so-called expression pedals** are also taken into account).

I don’t own a Komplete Kontrol keyboard, unfortunately, but I’ve fiddled around with one sometime ago…

The user manual, on page 30, has some information that might help…

*NO = Normally Open / NC = Normally Closed
** Expression Pedal = Pedal that is connected to the keyboard by using a balanced/stereo cable that has a 6.35mm Stereo/TRS (Tip Ring Sleeve) jack at its end.

Ahha, then it seems the Ring is effective here. I changed that to CC64 and all seems now ok.

Its a Yamaha FC4 pedal.

Thanks for all the input. Helped me out.

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