Cubase recording freezes for a fraction of second

I have a modx6 and with it i got cubase AI 10. I am a newbie and now i have started learning to record. But i have got a huge problem.

While recording, the recording freezes for a small fraction of second with short stops and skips. First I thought it was because of auto quantize and disable it. But still I could not solve it. Tried reinstalling cubase. But nothing fits. It happens randomly like first if it happens in the 5th second then it might happen in 13th or some other time.

Could not identify the problem and with this problem i could learn anything as it spoils everything.

Does anybody have a solution to this problem?


Do you record Audio or MIDI? What is your Audio Device? Do you get a drop-out? Is it just GUI freeze or can you hear it? Any background process?