Cubase recording

Hello I have a problem with recording songs on Cubase LE 7.

I am using a steinberg focusright scarlett 2i2 and Cubase LE 7. When I try to record a simple acoustic guitar + vocals the guitar reocords but the vocals only partly record.

When I sing into the microphone whilst it is recording , it shows that it is recording and sounds fine through the monitor but then when I play it back only parts of the vocals come through. The vocals cut in and out at random points and there is a delay on the vocols.

Is anyone able to help?


If you have a compressor on your voice, you may have it set so that the sound doesn’t get past the threshold. I did this and was about to loose my mind for an hour.

I am having a timing problem. When I record with a click track on my AI 8 the playback is late for some reason. Not much latency issues but it is holding me up on my recording projects. I plan to upgrade to the full 8 but I have to get past some of these issues as I am an old analog guy that has finally had to learn some new tricks. Any idea?

I’m having a similar problem, see post: Cubase 8AI w/MG10XU from May 13. I saw Obsoleteman’s reply and will try changing compression settings. Since your original post was in April, have you had any success improving the vocal?

Funny…The compressor was my timing issue.

Or maybe it’s not. Tell me what the constrain delay button does.

It bypasses any plugin that creates additional latency.

Like I say, I am new to this. It seems that the Bass playback along with the click track was late and out of sync with the next guitar track I was laying down. But I have experience in analog as DAC was just pretty new when I quit the biz. There are just so many parameters and I there is only one way to learn I guess.

Would you recommend a direct in approach in electric guitar or micing an amp? I know there are plenty of simulators on the program. Any favorites you use?

If possible I always use a amp and 2 different mic’s. That way I have 2 different flavors of the same source, that I can blend or sometimes just PAN hard left and right. I don’t have a favorite software simulator, but will say that they react quite differently depending on what guitar is used, so expect a lot of tweaking.

The issue is that when I use the click track, it will be about 1/2 a measure early…This has got to be a metronome setup problem. But I can’t continue recording until I solve it. So the Constrain Delay Compensation button was not the problem.

The issue was using pre-roll and precount at the same time. I just started recording without it and it works fine. I upgraded to the UR-242 to get around what latency issues I had. I have a terrible case of Tinnitus in both ears and it just amplifies the timing issues for me.