Cubase refugee looking for information...!

I was wondering how I can find out in detail what all of the things Nuendo can do that Cubase can’t, so I can learn them when and see if I need them. This may sound like a stupid question, but I’ve never used Nuendo before and know there’s a lot under the hood that Cubase doesn’t have.

If anyone can point me in the right direction (I don’t want the simple new features list for N8, but instead somewhere that I can hopefully see all the extra features/commands/etc. that Nuendo has that Cubase doesn’t, it would be very greatly appreciated. :smiley:

Hi In_Stereo,

this is an “old” thread (from Nuendo 7) but still covers almost everything. You just need to add the Nuendo 8 new functionality to that list :wink:

Hope this helps!

Thank you, sir!

You just need to add the Nuendo 8 new functionality to that list > :wink:

…which, I think, are very vague:

  • Plug ‘n’ play support for USB devices on Microsoft Windows
  • Enhanced track creation feature, which allows outputs to be assigned when adding new tracks
    OK, Steinberg added a field to the “Create Track Dialog” (finally…but where is the option to add more and other kind of tracks?)
  • Improved ruler handling
    Please explain further?
  • Free shaping and editing of tempo information
    OK, sounds clear
  • Moving of consecutive automation events wherever you want
    OK, sounds clear
  • Faster duplicating of events or parts using a mouse
    Faster than what? Faster than dragging with the mouse while pressing “alt” ? Please explain further?
  • Quick access to render export dialog
    Please explain further

Niek/ Amsterdam