Cubase Refund request

Hello everyone!
i bought online Cubase,yesterday and i would like to get a refund,so i sent a refund request,
but it seems like nothing is happening and i’ve got less than 7 days to get a refund.
I’m a bit worried because i can neither have my money back,nor use Cubase because it doesn’t work.
So what can i do?

Thank you for your consideration on this matter :slight_smile:

On the invoice, did it give contact information for the people you bought it from (don’t know if it’s Steinberg, or a 3rd party like AskVideo or something … can’t remember what it was for me last time I purchased).

Also, on the main Steinberg web page there should be a few “Contact Us” options, or maybe even a sales department contact as well.

Are you in the EU? If so, you have 7 working days to get a refund on any online purchase, but you have to contact the party you bought it from.