CUBASE refuses to share sound with Dorico or export Midi properly

I have a Steinberg UR22.
The idea was to have all 3: Cubase, Dorico and sound card, all from the same company, to avoid compatibility issues.
No luck!
Cubase and Dorico refuse to produce sound when running parallel.Exproting Midi from Dorico to Cubase, works only sometimes.
Interestingly enough, using Sibelius, I had not even once, a problem like that.
I figured after intalling and updating all the latest versions, where “hundreds of bugs were fixed” (?), problems would be solved.
It is a pitty, cause Dorico is the best, Cubase excellent, and I really like my UR22, but they just “hate” each other, allthough they belong to the same “family”.
This problem has been following me since I first bought Dorico a couple of years ago. Got some help applying some cumbersome “workarounds”. But really it is far from acceptable.
Any hope Steinberg will fix these any time soon?
Thanks in advance.

Does Dorico use ASIO drivers? Then no you won´t be able to use both at the same time, since the UR 22 drivers are not multiclient ASIO compatible.
You can activate "Release ASIOdriver when in Background (at least in Cubase), which will then make them work one or the other with both programs open, but not at the same time.