Cubase Registration Key

hi, i just bought a cubase, and im wondering, can i use it on different computer? since i using first pc at home and the second pc at office.
thank you

it depends what version of Cubase you have purchased.

If your license is on a dongle you can use on any computer. If you have a soft elicenser on your computer I think you must send a request to Steinberg for reactivation.

do i have to reactivate too when i want to use it at my home?

i have it on a dongle, I recommend to buy a dongle if you wanna move it.

I don’t know the exact steps as I never had a soft licenser

If you use a soft eLicenser, you have to de-register the license, before you´re allowed to re-activate the license on a different computer, so you only always have on installation activated at one time.

i got it now, thanks, its not difficult things but it just a little bit troublesome, if we just can login through our account that already has license, probably it would be more simple hahaha

i bought 10.5 and not the dongle one, the problem is , it said the key reactivation is wrong, so i only want to move it from my pc to my laptop for now,
and after that probably im gonna use it on my pc again

if i uninstalled cubase on my previous pc, can i use the key on the new laptoP?

You have to follow the re-activation outlined in your mySteinberg account.