Cubase reinstall problem

Hi, I went to post this issue in the ‘issue reports’ part of the forum but it is showing as locked, so apologies in advance for me posting in the general section.

I’ve just done a clean reinstall of my studio PC, reinstalling all my software including Cubase 7.5.40. On opening 2 of my current projects I’ve gone to listen and all the levels seem to have changed drastically in both projects. Before doing the reinstall I backed up my Cubase preferences folder located here:

Local Disk (C:)/Users/(myname)/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg

I backed up every folder in this location and restored once I’d finished reinstalling all my programs and plugins.

Does anyone know how it’s possible all my levels have changed? My projects are very big and to re-level everything perfectly will be very time consuming. I even tried opening several older version of each project but they all seem to have the same problem. The fact that this problem exists in several projects seems to suggest there must be something causing this. Does anyone have any ideas?

I would first take a look at your audio interface and how it was set up before and how it is set up now - in Windows as well as Cubase. It’s the most likely common denominator for what you describe.

I don’t think it’s my audio interface. It’s connected in the same port it previously was, also I have my settings saved as a preset, so it’s set up identically to how it was when it was last working.

In that case I have no clue without a better description of your problem. ‘all the levels seem to have changed drastically’ is not very specific. Mixer fader positions? Output volume? Automation levels? Control room levels?